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Our Team

First of all, our guides are mountain lovers and passionated of their sports! They know the cliffs and the mountains because they use it! They participated to developed climbing sites as well as development the Fédération Québécoise de la Montagne et de l’Escalade. For our team the mountain is not only sports or activities… the mountain is a way of life! For sure you will meet them at the crags or in the backcountry!

More than only mountain lovers, we assure that our guides have exceptional terrain experience and have formation with known national and international agency (Canadian Mountain Guide Association or American Mountain Guide Association). Here, guides need to show strong humans side abilities and need to be good technician so you can have a calm spirit and appreciate your experience to its maximum.

Association of Canadian Mountain Guides

Dominic Asselin Rock & Alpine guide Samuel Patoine
Nicolas Dubreuil
Célian de Thoisy
Thomas Savoie
Trekking aspirant

Canadian ski guide

Samuel Patoine Ski guide level 1

1% for the planet - Member

Outdoor Fund 1% for the Planet – Member

Canadian Avalanche Association
Avalanche Canada

Dominic Asselin

At the head of the guide team is Dominic Asselin. Not only the founder of Attitude Montagne, Dominic is also one the first Rock and Alpine Guide in Quebec to have his certification from both ACMG and AMGA. His implication in Quebec rock climbing is noteworthy and by creating Attitude Montagne, he took the bet that the standard in place in the provinces of the West of Canada and internationally should be applied in Quebec as well. Successful bet because his certification are a pledge of professionalism, a high level of experience and the possibility to act as mentor for the clients, sought aspect to leave on a mountain trip!

Certification and training

  • ACMG/AMGA — Alpine guide certified
  • ACMG/AMGA — Rock guide certified
  • AMGA — Advanced alpine guide course and aspirant exam
  • AMGA — advance rock guide course and aspirant exam
  • AMGA — alpine guide course
  • AMGA — rock instructor
  • AMGA — ice guide course
  • CAA — level 2 profesionnel
  • CAA — weather and Avsar course
  • CAA — Avalanche operation level-1 Ski
  • FQME — Rock trainer level 2
  • FQME — Via-Ferrata Guide Trainer
  • FQME — Ice trainer level 1
  • FQME — Route Bolting Certification
  • Fondation des Maladies du Cœur — RCR C+
  • Sirius — Wilderness First Responder (80 hrs)


  • 2018 — Sylvie Marois award
  • 2012 — Scholarship from MEC-CAHG for the CAA level 2
  • 2011 — Nominated for the AEQ guide of the year award
  • 2011 — AMGA guide olympic winning team
  • 2010 — Award Claude Lavallée given by the FQME
  • 2005 — Award of La Plaquette d’or given by FQME


Mountain HardWear


  • 2012-2014 — President of the Fédération Québécoise de la Montagne et de l’Escalade (FQME)
  • 2008-2012 — FQME Training Commission and Expert Comitee rock, ice and Via-Ferrata
  • 2010 — AEQ climbing expert committee
  • 2008-2009 — Founding President of the Club des Montagnards Laurentiens
  • 2005-2006 — President of the Fédération Québécoise de la Montagne et de l’Escalade (FQME)
  • 2004-2005 — Treasorer and administrator of the Fédération Québécoise dela Montagneet de l’Escalade (FQME)
  • Responsable of the development of the Forêt Ouareau climbing site in Lanaudière

Highest Standards of Training on an International Level

We are the only company in Quebec with guides pursuing trainings in the AMGA and/or the ACMG to become mountain guides. We believe that an instructor or a guide must be professionally trained. Therefore, we make sure that our guides, in addition to having an outstanding field experience, follow many trainings working with national and international recognized organizations. Too often, it is people who love to travel who are sent to a group and not the qualified ones. At Attitude Montagne, guides must demonstrate a strong human sensibility while being very good technicians, to give you peace of mind and enjoy your experience at the maximum.

Ten Reasons to Climb with an AMGA or an ACMG Certified Guide

  1. Training – Certified Guides undergo training and is the most intense review of the profession. Certification by the AMGA or ACMG indicates that the person has been assessed at the standard of an internationally recognized professional organization.
  2. Professionalism – Are leaders in the mountain and climbing industry. These guides and organization are dedicated to excellence and to the most professional conduct of their activities.
  3. Experience – Many certified guides were submerged in the field of mountain for more than a decade guide. They have an intimate knowledge of the areas in which they guide.
  4. Quality – The certified guides undergo their training with two key factors in mind: become the best possible mountain guide and offer the most extraordinary experience to their clients.
  5. Security – The certified guides make safety their primary concern. They are trained to recognize objective hazards such as the danger of avalanche, the potential stone falls and bad weather. In addition, the certified guides are trained and evaluated in rescue.
  6. Particular Attention – Certified guides are devoted to the experience and comfort of their clients. Their priority is to make their participants more qualified and fill their desire to reach the summit.
  7. Complete training – AMGA or ACMG certifies guides in the alpine, climbing and ski mountaineering area. Regardless of the terrain or of the difficulty, there is an certified guide that can guide you
  8. Training – Certified guides are some of the best educators in the field. They work to understand the style of the client and then adapt their instruction to provide a personal experience and the opportunity to excell.
  9. Value – AMGA or ACMG certifies guides values include how the importance of their client’s mountain experiences. These guides strive to build personal relationships and provide great adventures that create positive life memories.
  10. Environmental awareness – AMGA or ACMG certifies guides understand how the mountain’s ecosystem fragility. The mountains exploration with a certified guide will highlight the skills to leave the mountains in good condition for future generations.

Guides Who Know the Environment

First and foremost, our guides are practitioners and passionate of their sport. They know the environment and surrounding around them because they form an integral part of it. They opened several routes and participated in the development of climbing sites as well as the Quebec Federation of mountain and climbing. For our team, the mountain is something more than just a simple activity, it is a lifestyle. Therefore do not be surprised to cross a guide at the base of a wall or on a trail.