Portable Climbing Wall Rental

Tour d'escalade à louer

Our portable climbing wall is 7.5 m (25 feet) tall. It allows 3 people to climb at the same time (up to 70 participants an hour). The climbers can test themselves on different climbs according to their ability. It is a challenge for youngsters and also for experienced adults. An auto-belay (perfectly safe and certified mechanism) will maximize the flow in order to avoid long line-ups. If you cannot come to the center, the portable climbing wall will come to you for any kind of event.

If you cannot come to the climbing center , it will come to you. We can bring the portable climbing wall to your event.

A Spectacular Animation

The presence of this impressive structure provides visibility, a mark, a point of reference for all visitors in a festival, exhibition or event. The ascension of the climbing wall provides a nice challenge and a dynamic ambiance. Fast to install, it can be set up in a schoolyard, park, village square, in private yards, sports arenas (any flat ground)to create a small climbing centre for the day. Our climbing instructors supervise, equip and advise your participants, encourage them and propose different ways of challenging them selves on the climbing tower.

To Whom this Animation Is Addressed?

Commercial event, association and municipal celebrations, cultural and sporting events, any festivity, for corporations, team building animation, private festivities, etc…

Moving the Climbing Tower

Moving the tower is a separate billing. It depends of the distance that we have to travel from attitude montagne climbing center.

Moving Costs

Climbing Tower Caracteristics

  • Capacity: 3 climbers at same time , up to 70 climbers an hour (see chart)
  • Climbing Structure : wooden boards with skid-proof paint on a steel structure with no cutting edges.
  • Height: 7,50m (24 feet)
  • Climbable surface 27 square meters, rock texture, 185 colored holds to identify the routes and difficulties.
  • Belay system : 2 relay with anchors.
  • Auto-belay Sytem : 1 system Redpoint auto-belay ( Redpoint® ) ( see technical sheet )

Conditions and prices

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The Slackline

Beyond the obvious challenge of the slacklining it is a complementary discipline to climbing by promoting the acquisition of a better balance of the body and the spirit. This practice reinforces all of the stabilizing muscles of the body, gives a fine tension on the “mental” plan, imposes the development of concentration and self-confidence and remains very playful! Near the climbing wall, we install the 2 inches wide strap at about 1 foot from the ground with safety mats under. This activity can be performed independently by the participants or supervised by a instructor that will ensure the technical progression of the participants.

Option A : Un-supervised = $100*
Option B : Supervised = $390*

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* Taxes not included.