When winter takes place and all the waterfall becomes ice, a feverishness takes place. Climbing these massive ice sculptures require a control over our aptitude and our knowledge because ice is moving, living and evolving trough the cold season. The comprehension of this element is much more than just hitting the ice with an axe and crampons!

Progress on ice with our different activities, initiations, courses, daily guided trips and bigger trips.

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Benefit of the Attitude Montagne support to fully enjoy your trip! Accompanied by a certified guide of the ACMG and/or the AMGA, you are sure to succeed your objectives that will take you out of your comfort zone while the guide analyze every aspect to ensure a good trip!

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Ice Climbing Courses selection

Mountain sports require the control of specific techniques. Our formation are based on practice given by trained monitors.

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Daily Access to the ice climbing site

Wether it is to climb or just to practice some of the techniques you learned in one of your ice climbing courses, pay the access fees that allows us to continue the development of the site and enjoy!

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Youth activities

True centre focused on outdoor climbing and mountain sports, discover all the activities propose for the young!

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Corporate activities

Team building activities focus on climbing and mountain sports. Good time outdoors guarantee for your work team!

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