Aconcagua guided climb

Guide pour l'ascension de l'Aconcagua
  • Next departure Contactez-nous
  • Group 5 to 10 participants
  • Length 22 days + 1 preparation day
  • Level Intermediate / advanced
  • Lodging 3 nights in hotel in double occ. / 19 nights in camping
  • Price $5,895 *May vary based on US exchange rate

Argentina is one of the most developed country in South America. It is known for its wine production, its fruits and its red meat; we will take the time to enjoy it!

The trip start in Mendoza. This city will surprise you by its modernity comparable to any European city. We will spend few days there to prepare ourselves and find everything we need for the next weeks. On our passage back in Mendoza, we will celebrate the end of the expedition around a good glass of wine.

Weather on the mountain can be extreme and temperature can reach as low as -30°c. Wind of 240km/h have been seen. While in Mendoza, temperature is around 25°c, that is why we need to be ready for everything.

Altitude and acclimatation are factors to take seriously in consideration. That is why we have rest days planned after every gain in altitude. Either to acclimatize to the new altitude and to get back our strength.

To reach our basecamp, we need to hike almost 40 km in 3 days. This hike is supported by muleteer to help us bring everything we need for the ascent. After we reach basecamp, we will work together to establish high camps and then reach the summit.

We often lose our appetite when in altitude. It is harder to cook and the desire to eat is non-existant. To help us on that matter we are going to have a cook to make meals for us and establish with us the high camps.

This trip will allow you to find yourself in the middle of an expedition logistic where every member of the team will have to participate. It is then important that every participants takes its preparation seriously since we are going to have long days with long distances.

Dès votre inscription nous serons avec vous pour répondre à vos questions et ainsi s’assurer que vous soyez prêt pour le grand jour

We will be with you to answer all your questions and to make sure your are ready for the big day.



We will spend two nights in hotel at our arrival in Mendoza and then one on our way back. We will also spend one night at Penitentes on days 4. After that, tents is what awaiting us for the rest of the 19 days.


We organize every aspect of the basecamp, tents, kitchen equipment, communication and everything else! You only have to install your personal equipment. The only equipment you have to provide for yourself is a sleeping bag and sleeping pad and everything you need to sleep.


We travel by mini-van from Mendoza to Penitentes. We will have muleteer to help us with the equipment from Punta de Vacas all the way to basecamp. You are responsible for your transport to Mendoza. Since we have a lot of equipment to carry from Quebec, we are going to separate it amongst the participants and guides for the trip in and out of Argentina.


When in Mendoza and in Penitentes, we will eat in restaurants. Restaurants are not included in the trip price.

On the mountains, we will eat the very good meals that our cook makes for us. On the ascent, we will start to eat lyophilized food when on high camps. You only have have to think about your own personnel favorite food : chocolate, candy, energy bar, powergel, etc.

Climbing equipment

We organize every group equipment; tents, first aid kit, communications and other. You only have to provide personnel equipment. A list will be provided.




Voie Traverse des Polonais de l'Aconcagua
  • Mountain


  • Altitude


  • Route

    Polish traverse

  • Difficulty


  • Length

    16 hours from camp 2

Aconcagua is the highest mountain of Americas and the highest outside Himalaya with a summit elevation of  6962m. It is also one of the Seven Summit of the seven continents.

We decided to use the Polish Traverse to reach the summit. Even if the technical difficulty level is not that high this route is the one of the hardest on the mountain and the extreme weather factors increase the difficulty level.

  • Next departure Contactez-nous
  • Group 5 to 10 participants
  • Length 22 days + 1 preparation day
  • Level Intermediate / advanced
  • Lodging 3 nights in hotel in double occ. / 19 nights in camping
  • Price $5,895 *May vary based on US exchange rate


  • Training program
  • Land transport
  • Hotel accommodation (3 nights)
  • Mountain meals
  • Collective climbing gear
  • Certified climbing guide from Quebec
  • Applicable taxes


  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses
  • Meals in town (in Nepal and on transport)
  • Travel insurance
  • Ascent permit fee
  • Personal climbing gear
  • Gratuities for the guide and local team
  • Extra not planned in the trip (evacuation costs, etc.)
  • Customer contribution to the Fonds d’indemnisation des clients d’agents de voyages if applicable is not included ($1 per $1000 purchase)
  • Contribution of 1% of the total amount of the trip to the Fonds Plein Air 1% pour la planète (1% for the planet)
  • Day


  • 1-2

    Flight to Mendoza

  • 3

    Day in Mendoza

  • 4

    Leaving Mendoza for Penitentes, we will spend a night there

  • 5

    Direction Punta de Vacas where we start the approach trek to basecamp. We will reach Las Lenas (2800m). Distance :14 km.

  • 6

    Day 2 of the approach trek toward Casa de Piedra (3200m) Distance :15 km.

  • 7

    Last day of trek to reach basecamp. This is a short distance but a good gain in altitude. Basecamp at 4200m Distance :12 km.

  • 8

    Rest day in basecamp

  • 9

    From there we won't have further muleteer support. We will reach camp 1 to bring equipment and then descent back to basecamp.

  • 10

    Ascent to camp 1 and spend the night

  • 11

    Rest days in camp 1

  • 12

    Ascent to camp 2 to establish camp and then descent back to camp 1

  • 13

    Ascent to camp 2 and then spend the night

  • 14

    Rest day in camp 2

  • 15

    Day reserved to establish a camp 3 if necessary, otherwise rest day in camp 2

  • 16-17

    Alpine start for the summit and a long day that can take up to 16 hours including the descent back to camp 2

  • 18

    Descent from camp 2 to basecamp

  • 19-20

    Trek back to Punta de Vacas and drive back to Mendoza

  • 21-22

    Flight back