Ascent of the Mount Kenya Massif (3 Summits)

Camp de base du Mont Kenya
  • Next departure December 3, 2022
  • Group 2 to 4 participants
  • Length 14 days
  • Level Intermediate in rock climbing
  • Lodging 5 nights in hotel in double occ. / 8 nights in camping
  • Price $5,950 *May vary based on US and Euro exchange rate

The massif of Mount Kenya is one of the highest volcanoes in East Africa formed by the volcanic activity of the great fault of the Rift Valley. This stratovolcano, located close to the equator is the second highest peak in Africa, after Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The exploration of this mountain immerses us in a prehistoric universe by the atmosphere projected by various endemic plants and shrubs as Lobelia and Giant Groundsel.

Once at the foot of steep slopes of the main summit, we will have a very airy view of the surrounding savannah. Different from its larger neighbor and much less crowded, Mount Kenya is for both hikers and rock climbers alike curious to combine nature, cultural events and vertical climbing. We propose to make the traverse of the massif and the ascent of three of its peaks.



We will spend nights in every type of lodging possible! City hotel to small village hotel, tents and cabin.


We organize every aspect of the basecamp, tents, kitchen equipment, communication and everything else! You only have to install your personal equipment. The only equipment you have to provide for yourself is a sleeping bag and sleeping pad and everything you need to sleep. All the equipment will be carry by our local team but for the ascent of mount Kenya where we need to bring our bivouac equipment.


Every transport is organize by our local support team.


When in town, we will eat in restaurants. Restaurants are not included in the trip price.

On the expedition, we will eat the good meals that our local team make for us. Only on the mountain we will use lyophilized food from Quebec to be lighter. You only have to think about your own personal favorite food : chocolate, candy, energy bar, powergel, etc.

Climbing equipment

We organize every group equipment; tents, first aid kit, communications and other. You only have to provide personnel equipment. A list will be provided.


Voie du Point Leanana - Traverse North-Southwest ridge
  • Mountain

    Lenana point

  • Altitude

    4985 m

  • Route

    Traverse North-Southwest ridge

  • Difficulty

    Trek and scramble

  • Length

    10 hours

It is the third highest summit of the massif. Even though the technical difficulty is not very high, the ascent will give us a good impression of the rock type we will encounter later on. It will also allow us to focus on our acclimatization and to get a good view of our route Nellion/Ballian.

Voie Normal du Mont Kenya (Nellion & Ballian)
  • Mountain

    Kenya (Nellion & Ballian)

  • Altitude

    5188m & 5199m

  • Route


  • Difficulty

    Grade lV ( 5.9, 45-65 °)

  • Length

    2 days

For many references, this alpine climb is part of their top 3 route! But to reach the summit you will have to arrive well prepare because in opposite of the other African mountains, this one has some serious difficulties. Firstly, you will have to climb 20  rock pitches with boots or climbing shoes and a backpack that has everything to sleep on the summit. We will spend a night on the summit, then ascent Ballian before heading down and doing all this in rappel. We gonna need to be efficient, what a challenge!

  • Next departure December 3, 2022
  • Group 2 to 4 participants
  • Length 14 days
  • Level Intermediate in rock climbing
  • Lodging 5 nights in hotel in double occ. / 8 nights in camping
  • Price $5,950 *May vary based on US and Euro exchange rate


  • Training program
  • Land transport
  • Hotel accommodation (5 nights)
  • Mountain meals
  • Collective climbing gear
  • Muleteer / cook
  • Certified climbing guide
  • Applicable taxes


  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses
  • Meals in town (in Kenya and on transport)
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal gear
  • Gratuities for the guide and local team
  • Extra not planned in the trip (evacuation costs, etc.)
  • Customer contribution to the Fonds d’indemnisation des clients d’agents de voyages if applicable is not included ($1 per $1000 purchase)
  • Contribution of 1% of the total amount of the trip to the Fonds Plein Air 1% pour la planète (1% for the planet)
  • Day


  • 1

    Flight to Nairobi. You will spend the night in Nairobi.

  • 2

    A day to visit Nairobi and final preparation for the trip.

  • 3

    Vehicle transport from Nairobi to Nanyuki. We will spend the day acclimatizing at Mountain Rock Lodge at the base of Mount Kenya.

  • 4

    Travel by vehicle to Sirimon Gate (2440m). From this point we will start the 9km hike to Judmier Camp (3300m) where we will spend the night.

  • 5

    The 17km approach from Judmier Camp to Shipton Camp should take most of the day. Towards the end we will get the chance to see the massif for the first time. We will spend the night in camp at 4200m.

  • 6

    We will spend the day around Shipton Camp to acclimatize and prepare the equipment for our first ascent.

  • 7

    We will start early in the morning to do the ascent and traverse of Lenana Point. We will climb the North Ridge to the summit at 4985m and descend the Southwest Ridge to the Austrian Hut where our muleteers will meet us with our equipment and where we will spend the night at 4800m. However, if we experience difficulty adapting to the altitude we can sleep at Mackinder’s Camp (4200m) and go back up the next day.

  • 8

    Rest and preparation day at the Austrian Hut.

  • 9

    Early start to reach the base of the normal route on Nellion. We will climb 20 pitches of varying difficulty (from 5.1 to 5.6 YDS) to reach the summit. The greatest challenge of the climb is the route finding which will be taken care of by the guide and the fact that you have to climb with a pack with the equipment necessary to spend the night on the summit close to 5188m. You will need to be as minimalist as possible and accept that it will possibly be a difficult night.

  • 10

    We leave the bivouac equipment on summit of Nellion and start the descent for the "Gate of the Mists" before heading back up to ascent the summit of Gallian.

  • 11

    Extra day

  • 12

    We leave for a full day of descent from Austrian hut to Chogoria and we take a transport to Nairobi

  • 13

    Day in Nairobi

  • 14

    Flight back home