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Rope Helix 9,5mm by Sterling


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In addition of offering a low impact force, this 9,5mm rope is versatile, tiny, and light.

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This 9,5 mm rope offer a low impact force, which make this rope a great choice for hard projects in sport or traditional climbing. The sleek and tight sheath help reduce the friction between the gear and the rock.

  • Weight and diameter suitable for sport and trad climbing
  • Percentage of sheath of 41% which increase the durability
  • Middle mark for safest and fastest rappels
  • lenght: 70m
      • Type :  Simple UIAA
      • UIAA fall :  7
      • Weight by meter :  59 g (2.05 oz)
      • Static elongation :  7.2%
      • Dynamique elongation:  31.9%
      • Impact force :  8.9 kN
      • Middle mark; Yes