FQME Climbing Instructor Training

All participants will receive a certificate issued by FQME and is valid for 3 years, see the FQME website for more details on this subject.

Top-rope Rock Climbing Animator

  • Have a recognized basic accreditation of a climbing centre or top-rope autonomy training of a recognized climbing school
  • Be a member of the FQME
  • be 16 years-old (to animate under the responsibility of a major instructor)
  • To be 17 years-old (to supervise alone)
  • To have a minimum of 6 months climbing experience or mastering belaying and the figure eight tie-in knot and knowledge of equipment and basic techniques
  • Have completed first aid / CPR training
  • Have, for the purposes of training, the basic equipment which complies with current standards

The certification allows the candidate to

  • Supervise top-rope rock climbing activities on “school crag”
  • Master the minimum animation techniques for the safety of group or individual top-rope activities
  • Assist a top-rope instructor in the supervision of a group (tope-rope initiation)
  • Ensure an optimal supervision regarding the fact that the participants have generally no experience with the activity.
  • This certification does not allow the candidate to teach climbing courses with the objective of training participants to be independent climbers.
  • “School crags” are subject to specific criteria of which the details can be found in the security guides.
  • Level: beginners
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • *Price: $320

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Top-rope Rock Climbing Instructor

  • Being a member of the FQME
  • Be 18 years-old
  • Have a valid FQME rock animator certification or equivalent experience
  • Knowledge of several different crags
  • Have completed a 16 hour first aid / CPR training, preferably wilderness first aid

The Top-rope Rock Climbing certification allows the candidate to teach the basic elements essential for participants to be independent top-rope climbers on a natural outdoor climbing wall of less than 25 metres while ensuring optimal coaching and quality teaching. An external wall is a climbing structure which is not subject to specific standards; its definition is in the security guides.

  • Level: beginners
  • Duration: 32 hours
  • *Price: $395

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Lead Sport Climbing Instructor

  • Have valid basic membership of the FQME. Be at least 20 years before the start of the course
  • Having passed a lead climbing belay test at an indoor climbing gym
  • Having completed a wilderness first aid and CPR course or equivalent (40 hours)
  • Hold an FQME Top-Rope Rock Climbing Instructor Certificate
  • Being able to on-sight lead a 5.10a route

The objective of the Lead Sports Climbing Instructor – rock course, is to qualify candidates that are apt at teaching and evaluating the basic knowledge and techniques, that are necessary for a safe recreational practice of lead climbing on a natural school crag (rock), to a group of participants with previous proficiency in the techniques relative to top-rope climbing, all the while assuring an optimal supervision.

Scope of Practice
Lead Sports Climbing Instructor – rock training is limited to all natural school crags (rock) with a maximum height of 60 meters, respecting the current norms. The course does not include teaching and supervision on a natural ice and mixed school crag (SAEG) and does not allow the instructor to offer guided activities.

  • Level: intermediate
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • *Price: $345

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