Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata Guide-Animator Training

  • Have successfully completed the FQME rock animator training or equivalent
  • Be 16 years-old (to animate under the responsibility of an instructor)
  • Be 17 years-old (to supervise alone)
  • For the purposes of this training, have basic equipment that meets current standards. The technical elements (in connection with the certification) of the rock animator level need to be fully integrated by aspiring Via Ferrata animator-guide before the training. There is no pre-assessment but a continuing assessment during the course. The failure is automatic in the case of lack of control (see rock animator objectives grid).

The guide-animator provides optimal coaching to participants with no previous experience. The tie-in is not mandatory for all, only those not corresponding to the standards of the manufacturers of lanyards will be tied-in. Master all the minimum technical for a safe discovery of the Via Ferrata.

  • Level: beginners
  • Duration: 32 hours
  • *Price: $410

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